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About Us

Our Mission 
To be a world class manufacturer of Goalkeeper Gloves, Sports Apparels, Soccer Balls, & Sports Accessories need investing in R&D for which ROCK SPORTS is always ready so that we can offer innovative products along with extraordinary services, we invest not only in new and innovative raw material but also on human being and combination of these achieve high goals each day in our life. 

Our Vision 
To equip every individual Player/ Athlete with the best quality products which they deserve. Our products always assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service, and customer’s involvement. 

Company PROFILE 
Being the manufacturer and exporter of sports merchandise we introduce ourselves as a company where satisfaction of our valued customer is our sole aim. 
Since our inception in 1983 we are committed to serve the sports industry with quality products at competitive prices with unrivaled services. 
Primarily, our area of expertise is Goalkeeper Gloves, Sports Apparels, Soccer Balls and Sports Accessories including Soccer Shin Pads, Sports bags etc. We have manufactured all mentioned products for many renowned brands since last many years and we are exporting, almost all over the world. 
We have separate Stitching units for Goalkeeper Gloves having 200 and Apparel 150 state of the Art machine including special machines which are capable of performing any stitching operation as per the requirement of our valued customers. We also have in house facility for Die cutting, Sublimation printing, Direct and Heat Transfer Printing, embroidery, and embossing. Thus all the relevant operations are performed within the factory premises which leads to up to the mark quality. 
We have also devised a comprehensive quality control along with quality assurance system which is adequate for our internal procedures. The observations/Checks have been put to every single process of product development and for the bulk production as well and this helps us in reducing the incidence of faulty goods. 
A series of production documents help us all to follow the customer demand till it come to our shipping department which is also well versed with the contemporary practices of Logistics and Freight Forwarding Industries. That is why; we can better satisfy our customers’ requirements regarding logistics and freight forwarding. 

Product Development / R&D
Our Product development department is equipped with highly skilled and professional people who are well versed with their jobs and can accomplish
the assignments within the shortest possible span of time with remarkable results.
This department is leaded by Product Development Manager who is assisted by Designers and Pattern Drafting People.
At the end I personally thank you for review our product catalog and looking forward for your comments on any of the product you are interested in.
We at ROCK SPORTS are striving at our optimum for the betterment of our products and services. As well as are trying to adopt and
implement all international standards. We make the most of our inclusive resources to fulfill the requirements of these standards. In
this regard our most recent endeavor is; to promote an environment of mutual confidence flanked by our company and employees
to accomplish all SOCIAL and MORAL responsibilities. We are working on SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY international standards.
These standards urged every business concern to fulfill their responsibilities in their work place under following parameters. If you
want to get more information regarding these standards you can search their web-site www.rocksports.com

Child Labor: Company shall not be engaged in the use of child labor (under age of 16 & provide them resources for basic and
compulsory education, for young workers (between age group of 16 to 18) provide part time job and educational facility and do not
expose such workers to such conditions which are perilous to their health.

Forced Labor: Company shall not engage in or support the use of forced labor in any condition, even employment must be
provided on formal contract with determined conditions, which should not be against the local labor law.

Health & Safety: It is necessary to provide healthy and safe working environment to every employee.
Right of collective bargaining: Employees have a right of association & collective bargaining.

Discrimination: There should be no discrimination with the employees in hiring, remuneration, access to training,
promotion, termination or retirement based on race, cast, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual
orientation, union membership, political affiliation, or age.
Disciplinary Practices: There should not be any mental or physical punishment, fine or verbal abuses.

Working Hours: Working hours should not be more than 8 hours per day (48 hours per week) &
overtime should not be exceed the limit of 2 hours per day (12 hours per week).

Remuneration: Salary, Overtime, Leaves, Leave Encashment, Social Security,
Employee Old Age Benefit, Pension, Insurance, Gratuity and Annual Bonuses should
be paid according to the labor law.

Management System: For the implementation of this standard; company
should define a social policy, which should be publicly available and
accomplish a complete management system to get required results
and success.

According to section # 9 of this standard we are giving
information to whole society about our social policy
(which is enclosed with this letter), you are requested
if you have any inquiry or suggestion regarding our
social policy / performance please contact to our

Mr. M. Azam Bajwa (C.E.O)